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I am running for parliament on a platform of technology and innovation. South Australia has an opportunity to pioneer new industries and create new jobs, and Boothby has its own part to play in that vision. Let’s have at least one member of parliament with actual technology credentials.


The future of Boothby and South Australia will come by creating new products, services and industries. We must act soon.


Investment in education is the foundation of our economic future. Pioneering new models of education must be a priority.


South Australia needs a first-class, fibre-to-the-home network to capitalise on our economic opportunities.


Rather than argue about it, let’s have South Australia lead the way in new solutions to environmental issues.


We have an enviable system that’s becoming more expensive each year. We need new innovative models of healthcare delivery.


No matter the issue, the answer must be approached with kindness, compassion and fairness.

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Jamie is an IT professional and cybersecurity expert with over 20 years experience in his industry.

He is committed to driving South Australia towards new opportunities in solving big problems, creating jobs and prosperity for our future.

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Jamie was born in Mount Gambier, but was brought up in Adelaide's western suburbs, attending St Michael's College. He currently resides in Torrens Park, but has also lived in Glenalta, Hove, Bedford Park and Happy Valley. He knows Boothby well!

Jamie's family has a proud South Australian history, with the Armfields emigrating from England to Goolwa in the late 1800's and establishing themselves in riverboat commerce, wooden boat building and hotel ownership.

Jamie completed a Bachelor of Science (Mathematical and Computer Sciences) from the University of Adelaide and embarked on a career in technology.

Jamie was part-owner of an Internet start-up in the 1990s and was involved in some of Australia's first corporate web presences and eCommerce applications.

Jamie moved to the USA, completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in eBusiness Strategy and worked for a number of years in Silicon Valley, California.

He returned to Adelaide in 2008 to work for KPMG in technology consulting to the local and Australian market.

Jamie left KPMG after a decade to establish his own consulting business and to pursue a number of technology start-up opportunities in green energy.

Realising the extent of the issues for technology and innovation in Australia, he now wishes to provide an experienced voice to the Federal parliament on technology, innovation and the opportunities for the Australian economy.

Jamie currently serves as the President of ISACA (Adelaide Chapter), a professional body dedicated to technology careers, education and advocacy.

He plays club tennis for Blackwood Tennis Club and serves as Vice President on its committee. He also enjoys hiking, football and spending time with his family.